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I’m a mother of two children, Malik 20, Kelsie 16. I’m a traditionally trained Chiropractor and have taught higher education for over 10 years empowering students entering the medical field. I now serve as a multifaceted practitioner specializing in mind body medicine in my practice, Oasis WellBeing Center.

I’m very passionate and honored to serve as a Certified Holistic Doula and member of the Set Apart Doula Collective. Becoming a birth worker gives me the opportunity to hold space for women of color to birth with power and ease. MindfulMommies maternal services was created to join forces with other black doulas to decrease the high black maternal mortality rates.

My passion extends to serving faithfully to my family, church and as a board member for several non profit organizations to create change and empowerment within the Upstate community.

Love & Light

Shaherah Williams

Shaherah Williams

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