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is to restore, and educate the village one birth worker and family at a time by adding birth workers of color to the line, while reviving normalcy in keeping births and parenting sacred.

SAC Mission



Every Certified Holistic Doula who has trained with The Set Apart Collective is required to evolve through continuing education.

The Collective

We lean on one another within the collective, pouring into one another through support, assistance, accountability. Within this collective, no cup is left empty, that includes the mothers we serves and our




It is with excellence and integrity we serve, inform, and assist each client and family to evoke healthy homes and communities.

Empowering Births

Through education, we empower families to expand their knowledge and views on birth, therefore, protecting future generations to come.

Restoring the


We believe in the power of unlearning and reversing toxic generational practices and beliefs by educating each family we serve, restoring their foundation and the root of the village with truth and understanding.



Birth work is truly the first line of defense in homes and families. We strongly encourage families of color to solicit Doula services due to the high risk of complications not properly acknowledged, diagnosed, and/or tended to due to the lack of professional advocacy and support.


We do not take lightly the responsibility of assisting families reshape their futures, often breaking cycles trauma, lack of birthing education, misinformation, and more.


The change begins now.

Meet Out Founder

Meet Stormi Harmon

founder of the set apart collective

is a wife and homeschooling mom of 4 girls. She attended Lander University and received a BS in Exercise Science, with a minor in Gerontology. Over the years, she has served in many roles in her healthcare career. Two of her most memorable include serving as the Director of Health and Wellness for a non-profit, as well as the Health Educator for a large hospital system in the city she and her family resides.

Stormi was inspired to become a Certified Holistic Doula after giving birth to her oldest daughter. With over 8 years of birthwork experience, she has trained under many organizations looking to bridge the gap of her discontentment during and post her pregnancy experience. The biggest and most important missing component was professional support, as she found herself providing for herself and needing assistance pre and postpartum. Stormi is dedicated continuing education and  being the most efficient Doula for her clients, and she holds her team accountable for mutual standards. Her herbal and birthing business, Live To Serve, has grown abundantly and has helped hundreds of families during some of the most transitional and vulnerable times of their lives.

As the awareness of Doulas and the demand of their services increased, Stormi concluded that in order to sufficiently serve her clients and their family without compromising the integrity of her mission, she had to create and cultivate a true birthing community that consisted of professional, competent, and well educated Doulas like herself. Because she is a trusted source in her community, she received countless calls for mentorship opportunities and individuals inquiring about training. In order to meet the needs of her growing clientele and satisfy the desire of those wanting to become Certified Holistic Doulas, The Set Apart Collective was born. No pun intended. 

Stormi established this collective and training to give every student all that she has learned over the years, and to adequately serve Moms and their families. As a Set Apart Doula, it is her goal that every student consistently adhere to the title and responsibilities with pride, integrity, and compassion. Her hope is that every birthworker a part of this collective will go forth and pour into other women and assist with shaping their family's futures-- all while leaning on a community of like-minded women to learn and grow with professionally and personally. 

"Together, we are restoring the 'village', breaking barriers, and reviving the solid foundation of Family." --Stormi Harmon

Certified Holistic Birth Doula, Trauma Informed Doula, Holistic Fertility Doula, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Doula Trainer, Health Educator, Childbirth Educator, Belly Binding Specialist, Lactation Counselor

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